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#Memories Circle of Sisters 2016

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I had so much fun with my WBLS, Hot 97, and WLIB family taking over NYC’s Jacob Javitz Center for Circle of Sisters 2016. The yearly black women’s empowerment event attracts thousands for two, jam-packed, days of panels, performances, celebrity sightings, interviews, and an indoor flea market vibe packed with countless booths selling products appealing to today’s black woman. Not only did I get to sell my novel “The Man Curse” in the special “Meet Your DJ” Booth (Heyyy! :=). I also shared the stage with Common in an intimate one-on-one about his album “Black America Again” with a surprise visit on-stage by The Rev. Al Sharpton. CHECK THE INTERVIEW HERE: Common talks the 13th Documentary and has message for Black Youth.

Besides that? Tons of pics taken with my co-workers, fans, a few celebrities, and just pure fun. Check the pics below!


Amazing time on stage building with Common and Rev. Al Sharpton.




Common’s post interview selfie on-stage with the ladies at Circle of Sisters.


One of my favorite pics of the weekend with some of my co-workers at WBLS (L to R) @DrBobLee, @AnnTrip @DahvedLevy @shailakiss @dejavuspeaks @LennyGreen


Had a hilarious interview with Kym Whitley.


Black Girl Magic galore with Deja Vu and Okema T. Moore.


Couldn’t help cheesing with Common. I mean, c’mon…


Met Beyoncé’s dad, Matthew Knowles.  Convo surprised me too. Was inspiring…

Posing with the homie and radio OG Jeff Foxx.


Hopped On-air to chat it up real quick with Jeff Foxx. Bugsy looking good in those headshots too! lol

Had a fun convo on-air with Keke Wyatt about her upcoming album, 8 kids, Marriage Bootcamp, and love.


Broadcasted Live from the Javitz Center.




Love my DJs. Posing with DJ Sir Charles and DJ S1.


This was part of my fly sister crew working The Man Curse table at booth 112. We Sold LOTS of books!

Pics with just a few new book-buying fans. #TheManCurse


Posing at the “Meet Your DJ” booth with Shaila, Deja Vu, & Lenny Green.


Family came to show love and support today. This is my mom (right) and Godmom (left)



Raqiyah Selling Book.jpg

#TBT Throwback Thursday Radio Memory

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Throwback. Early 2000-something. 2008 maybe?? Feel good memory from my morning show co-host days on the late 98.7 Kiss FM with Talent & Bob Slade. We repped Newark NJ playing in a celebrity softball game for charity. I almost forgot about this until Carlos Los Gonzalez tagged me in this pic. :+) #RememberTheTime



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Note to self: Relax. You are enough. You have enough. #fridaymotivation

#TBT Throwback Thursday Memory

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Oct 9, 2016  4 years ago this week,  I finished the first draft of my novel “The Man Curse.” I was living in LA and remember handwriting at that point in the process because my laptop had broken down, I was in an obsessive zone, and didn’t want to stop writing. Finishing it was an amazing achievement. #Proud #TheManCurse





Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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I had to sign this confidentiality agreement before speaking to a room of domestic violence survivors. All month, I’ve been heading to shelters in the Urban Resource Institute (URI) network throughout NYC, reading from The Man Curse, and conducting the workshop I created based on my novel. This can only happen after signing the confidentiality agreement below that promises to never reveal the location of any shelter. Imagine being in a relationship that ends with you having to hide from the one you love? #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth





#Injustice Flint Michigan Water Contamination

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I read this and my heart drops. I want to cry. People in America don’t have water clean enough to prevent bacterial skin infections? It’s disgusting.  #SHAME #Flint

READ THIS:@nytimes  Flint Hit With Bacterial Illness as Residents Shun City Water

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You may not understand today or tomorrow, but eventually God will reveal why you went through what you did. #wednedsaymotivation

#MustSee Birth Of A Nation

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They say “Birth of a Nation” only made $7  Million during its opening weekend. There’s debate as to why it didn’t make more. Was it Nate Parker’s rape case that overshadowed the film? Are black folks tired of “just another slave movie”? Or does the black audience not understand the importance of seeing films during opening weekend, as opposed to wait till they are “mentally ready” to see a movie that may trigger angry emotions such as “Birth of a Nation”?

Whatever the case, none of these reasons negate the fact that this movie is necessary viewing and damn good. Friday night, the day of its release, I ran into sold-out screenings across NYC, forcing me to look for a screening to attend. “Birth” left me speechless and emotional. Tears during scenes when sisters are violated and brothers emasculated. Discomfort and slight shock, mixed with understanding, when the 97% black-filled movie theater in Brooklyn clapped during graphically violent scenes of the bloody slave revolt featuring white people butchered by the hands of Black men. I needed a moment of silence afterwards. A walk. A talk. A drink. All while my emotions morphed from feeling sullen and sad to angry to having to intellectually break down the build-up of this film. Everyone needs to see #BirthofaNation. It will shift your mindset and stimulate critical questions.

It’s why actress Aunjanue Ellis, who wonderfully plays Nat Turner’s mother, eloquently wrote an op-ed on why this film is necessary for all to see. Aside from the fact that at one of its roots, “Birth” is about the positive maternal influence on a black man and his love turned to vengeance as a result.

SEE: “Birth of a Nation” star, Aunjanue Ellis, defends Nate Parker and explains why “Birth of a Nation” is necessary viewing.

In the end, box-office flop or not,  you’ll be happy Nate Parker made it. #MustSee #BirthofaNation



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Raqiyah Mays Brings “The Man Curse” to Domestic Violence Shelters for DV Awareness Month

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October is #DomesticViolence Awareness Month. I’m looking forward to working with Urban Resource Institute (URI) again this month, heading to shelters, reading from #TheManCurse, empowering, inspiring, and motivating DV survivors through literature and therapy. If you know of anyone in need, or are a victim yourself, please reach out for help and call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233.