#MustSee Birth Of A Nation

They say “Birth of a Nation” only made $7  Million during its opening weekend. There’s debate as to why it didn’t make more. Was it Nate Parker’s rape case that overshadowed the film? Are black folks tired of “just another slave movie”? Or does the black audience not understand the importance of seeing films during opening weekend, as opposed to wait till they are “mentally ready” to see a movie that may trigger angry emotions such as “Birth of a Nation”?

Whatever the case, none of these reasons negate the fact that this movie is necessary viewing and damn good. Friday night, the day of its release, I ran into sold-out screenings across NYC, forcing me to look for a screening to attend. “Birth” left me speechless and emotional. Tears during scenes when sisters are violated and brothers emasculated. Discomfort and slight shock, mixed with understanding, when the 97% black-filled movie theater in Brooklyn clapped during graphically violent scenes of the bloody slave revolt featuring white people butchered by the hands of Black men. I needed a moment of silence afterwards. A walk. A talk. A drink. All while my emotions morphed from feeling sullen and sad to angry to having to intellectually break down the build-up of this film. Everyone needs to see #BirthofaNation. It will shift your mindset and stimulate critical questions.

It’s why actress Aunjanue Ellis, who wonderfully plays Nat Turner’s mother, eloquently wrote an op-ed on why this film is necessary for all to see. Aside from the fact that at one of its roots, “Birth” is about the positive maternal influence on a black man and his love turned to vengeance as a result.

SEE: “Birth of a Nation” star, Aunjanue Ellis, defends Nate Parker and explains why “Birth of a Nation” is necessary viewing.

In the end, box-office flop or not,  you’ll be happy Nate Parker made it. #MustSee #BirthofaNation



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