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1 Year Anniversary: My Debut Fiction Novel, “The Man Curse”

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One year ago today, my greatest artistic accomplishment to date was released: My debut fiction novel “The Man Curse.” Dream publisher (Simon & Schuster). Dream accomplishment (since the 4th grade). Dream release month (birthday season.) Dream book release party (packed it out). Dream book tour (with The Limited). Dream reviews (Check Amazon). It was all a dream that took 10 years to manifest. Definitely worth remembering and celebrating. Thank you, Lord!!! Still haven’t checked it out? Download your copy to your tablet or smartphone via Amazon or #Amen #TheManCurse #IdidThat

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It’s My Birthday!! 11/11!

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It’s my birthday! Heyyy! #ScorpioSeason

11/11, double master number that drives everything in my life to manifest in twos. So what do I want? 2 things:

  1. Healthy Mind, Body & Soul:  I’ve honestly been neglectful in the past year. So busy and driven to promote a book, be a present mom, lover, and activist glued to the news, twitter, and TV subconsciously waiting for the next death by brutality. I forgot about myself. Some things were neglected. I forgot about the necessary sleep and doctor’s appointments, TV-off silence, stillness, yoga, meditation, and exercise (just to name a few things). I’ve been running. Working. And then this election hit? WTF!? Damn!! So for my bday year? Oohsaa. The focus is on taking care of me first. Mind. Body & Soul. Can’t wait to see what manifests within the next 12 months. Every year it’s something better. #Amen
  2. More Book Sales & Awareness: Selling a book is a marathon, not a race. Those who ran to read “The Man Curse” love how it touches and changes lives with lessons learned after drama. It’s been turned into an empowerment workshop that I conduct for women’s groups and those in domestic violence shelters. I wrote the Screenplay. But more need help. More need to know about “The Man Curse.” More need to buy it and talk about it with their people. Read it. Share it with a lady friend in need by going online buy my debut fiction novel The Man Curse – available for all laptops, smartphones, and tablets. That’s right, available for download only. So pop your digital cherry like a scorpio would do on a bday and download my book.




Thank you!

22291 man curse poster.indd

Meet Taraji P. Henson’s character in Hidden Figures: Katherine Johnson

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Check out Taraji’s real-life character, Katherine Johnson in the upcoming film, Hidden Figures about black female NASA scientists. I was happy to read her story in Vanity Fair. #BlackHistory #BlackGirlMagic

READ MORE: Katherine Johnson, the NASA Mathematician Who Advanced Human Rights with a Slide Rule and Pencil.

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Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego. #Wednesdaymotivation

The Man to Meet: Colin Kaepernick

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I’d really like to meet this man, fellow scorpio and activist, Colin Karpernick. Would love to build with him on so much, especially his new “Know Your Rights” camp he created in California, inspired by The Black Panther’s youth camps.



My First Visit to The White House!

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Stepped into The White House for the first time thanks to Beverly Bond and her amazing new initiative #KingMe! Partnering with Obama’s #MyBrothersKeeper, King Me Works to empower black boys to rock in the same way Black Girls Rock brings love, support, and encouragement to girls worldwide. Had an amazing time at the stimulating panel discussions and the post reception. Check the pics below!



Posing with the DJ bringing hip hop to the White House, the amazing Beverly Bond.


Taking over the White House corridors.



Stic from Dead Prez was in the  building.



Guess who took this pic of Stic? Yours truly…


Black Girl Magic at the White House with power lady activist Rahiel Tesfamarian; Author and Principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, Nadia Lopez; & Black Girls Rock’s Glenda Smiley


First person I met at The White House


Youth Focused panel discussion


Youth advocates from different genres spoke


Preparing for when they invite me back to speak one day. 😉


Having fun posing with a couple of long-time friends (Chuck Creekmur and G-Rock) at the post-reception



Beverly Bond looked and sounded amazing.



Sitting in the audience, happy to be there.



The view from the window.




Ended the night at the post-reception eating these cream cheese-covered presidential Carrot Cake Cupcakes!




Newark NJ Declares #SayHerName to Fight Violence Against Black Women

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I had a wonderful time attending the closing night panel and festivities for #SayHerNameNewark. A young women’s empowerment event, in Newark NJ, dedicated to giving voice to the issues, causes, and names of black women killed by violence – police brutality, domestic – sexual and physical violence. Adults and youth spoke along with assorted art performances and displays to represent the struggle. Shout to Kim J Ford & Leah Jackson for inviting me to this amazing event. Check the pictures below!


Posing with my fellow panelist, a powerful group of women all active in their community


Young black girls packed the building. Based on what I’ve heard from these kids, the future looks very promising.



Kim Ford did an excellent job hosting and moderating.




Co-host Leah Jackson was also amazing. Especially when she shared her empowerment poem with the audience.




Powerful pieces of art colored the room.



Meet Gail Marquis: Olympic Star, Wall Street Executive, Activist, Star of The University of Phoenix Commercials

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Saw the amazing Gail Marquis in a University of Pheonix commercial about her life from Olympic Champion to LGBT activist to Wall Street Executive. I was standing in front of the TV screaming with happiness taking pictures. If you don’t know this lady, you need to. Proud to say we performed together with so many other amazing women, years ago, off Broadway, in “The Vagina Monologues.” But this commercial? So much bigger. SO AMAZING. So inspiring. Wow. #Dope #GailMarquis#BlackGirlMagic

SEE THE COMMERCIAL HERE: Still I Rise – Gail Marquis – University of Phoenix Commercial