Raqiyah Mays Guest Co-hosts News Show “BK Live”

Had so much fun co-hosting BRIC TV’s news show “BK Live” on Monday! Shout to the entire BRIC TV “BK Live” crew for making a young news lady feel comfortable. And special shout to producer Ro Johnson for making it all happen! I’ll repost the broadcast when it’s up online. Catch “BK Live” daily 12p-1p on
Optimum 70
Time Warner 756
Verizon 46
Live Stream https://iframe.dacast.com/b/37979/c/46089

Goofing around with host Greg Johnson.

The news person shot.

When I say today was fun? Yup. It was..

First time reading from a teleprompter. I mean , I’ve done it before (over someone’s back. Whispering to myself) But today it was actually written for me. And you know what? #Easy

Props. Water. Lipstick.

#LOVE this woman. Ro Johnson. One of the producers of “BK Live.” She was a record promoter for years. By 40, she was uninspired. Decided she didn’t want to do it anymore. So she faced fears and made the ballsy move of switching careers. Studied. Hustled. Started over from the bottom. Now? She’s living her dream as a TV producer. #Inspiring #BlackGirlMagic


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