Leading You to Love of Self: Meditation Matters


By Raqiyah Mays

Meditation is something many do to relax and calm the mind. Stressed by the frustrations of life, intensified by the struggles of today, many like myself use it to find necessary stillness needed to simmer down the rage, nerves, and drama. The effective power of this mindfulness technique is good for adults and children.

But it wasn’t always easy for me to use. Thoughts raced through the mind. The concerns of life, personally and professionally, meshed together into an unfocused blur. My early attempts at meditating were difficult. They manifested in long, aggravating, stretches of sitting still with an ill look on my face because I couldn’t clear my head. But I kept trying. Eventually buying an audio tape (Yup, a cassette. This was long ago). The soothing voice of the guide helped instruct me through clearing my mind. The harder I tried, the better I became. Sitting with legs crossed in Indian style. Back straight, hands rested comfortably on the knees, I began the motions of meditation. Breathing in and out, focusing on the loudest to faintest sounds, from the refrigerator motor in the kitchen, to the birds tweeting outside the window. I transitioned to visualizing a blue healing light engulfing the body. At first I breathed too fast, until eventually slowing to a controlled rhythm. Breathing in and out.  Visualizing my day. Literally seeing myself achieve the goals imagined, in the end I opened my eyes to consider for a moment how I felt: Good. At ease. Relaxed. Optimistic. Years later, I no longer need a guided tape. Meditation is a self-love technique I live by.

Research has shown the positive effects of meditation’s mindfulness on adults and children. Findings by scientists from Johns Hopkins University published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that…


WBLS’ very own Raqiyah Mays is an author, journalist, and empowerment activist. Her debut “Self-help” fiction novel “The Man Curse” (Simon & Schuster) is available for digital download at themancurse.com



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