Leading You to Love of Self: The Power of Asking for Help

Asking for help Pic

By: Raqiyah Mays

Strong women tend to shine 24/7. No matter the season. Even in the dull winter – bending over, back in pain, shoveling snow alone. Some wave away offers for help. Others protest the need for assistance.  Many act as if they’d prefer to rub their own backs with an accomplished feeling of martyrdom.

The problem is that this lack of vulnerability in being able to ask for or accept help, is often a mirror to ones inability to ask for what they want out of life and expect to receive it. It’s often a reflection of a distrust in the belief that they deserve help and someone will actually give it with no strings attached.  But this isn’t how some women see it. Some of us look at our invulnerable reflections through a rosy lens of strength. We stare in the mirror and envision a super woman emblem on our chests. We see a cape flying behind us, place hands on our waists, and hold heads high feeling good for a moment. That is, until the lonely emotional drain seeps in. Until we get tired. Until the silent resentment whispers inside our heads wondering why we always have to do it by ourselves.

But we don’t. There is always someone out there who will help us — if we ask. If we’re willing to take off the imaginary cape, break down the wall with our Wonder Woman heels, and actually allow someone to move close enough to offer help…


WBLS’ very own Raqiyah Mays is an author, journalist, and empowerment activist. Her debut “Self-help” fiction novel “The Man Curse” (Simon & Schuster) is available for digital download at themancurse.com.


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