My First Official Workshop: Leading You to Love of Self

This week’s appearance was at a Domestic Violence shelter in Brooklyn, funded by URI, an organization that provides shelter to women, children, & their pets in secret locations across NYC. Pictures weren’t allowed. So here’s the scene: Tears, testifying, hugs, & thanks coming from women – millennials to baby boomers – and their social workers after I gave my first official “Leading You to Love of Self” workshop. “It was empowering.” “I’m inspired.” “Thank you.” “Where can I get your book?” “When are you coming back?” All quotes that made me smile and know very clearly that my job was not only well done. But necessary and completely fulfilling of what I am now very clear is God’s purpose for me. ‪#‎Empowerment‬ ‪#‎TheManCurse‬ ‪#‎Amen

Man Curse Cover Design


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