#TheManCurseBookReadingTour: Stop #10. Brooklyn, NY

December 19, 2015. It was a windy and cold Saturday afternoon in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. A posse of well-read, beautiful ladies blew in to Therapy, to talk at a bar filled with booze and brunch in BK. They called themselves the women of S.W.A.G., Sisters with a Goal, a book club to be exact. And I’m honored to have been the chosen #SWAGchat discussion of the month: Me, The Man Curse, and why they loved it. :+)


The fly ladies of SWAG, family, and friends, packed out Therapy Wine Bar looking good.


Brooklyn was all up in the place.


This Christmas, Santa saw one of the SWAG sisters reading “The Man Curse.” The elf and his silly friends voted her: Naughty, for explicit sex scenes.


Met some new fans. Signed some autographs.


Moms and daughters came out.

IMG_4881 (1)

Sisters grabbed the mic to testify and talk about curses, children, love, and themselves.



A few dudes came through, posted up on the wall, made some comments, but this event was for the ladies.





We infiltrated Therapy Wine Bar. Man Curse everything, everywhere.


You missed it? PURCHASE & DOWLOAD today at TheManCurse.com


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