#Press A Little Respect & Romance | African American Fiction (and More) [Words by: Rollie Welch, Library Journal]

Man Curse Cover Design

#Press A Little Respect & Romance | African American Fiction (and More)
[Words by: Rollie Welch Via Library Journal]

Meena Butler has spent most of her life falling for all sorts of men only to end up emotionally hurt. Likewise the other women in her family suffer from the man curse. When they gather for holidays, the trash talking is priceless, and one of Meena’s aunts scoffs at the notion of love, calling men “dogs, all of them.” Meena loses her virginity, swears off boys but keeps meeting Mr. Right Now. She breezes through lots of relationships including an office romance, hooking up with a married guy, and taking a turn at Match.com where she seeks love as long as he’s between 28 and 40 and lives within a 30-mile radius. Trusted friend Meredith plays the role of Meena’s muse at the ready with good ganja to ease her pain. Somehow, we hope Meena finds her happy ever after.

VERDICT: There’s a lot to like about this ebook original. Meena has a good heart but manages to make lousy decisions with men, a problem that will have many female readers nodding in agreement. Making her fiction debut with a novel that is equally raw, profane, and touching, Mays is a promising author to watch.

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