#PRESS Raqiyah Mays Unravels ‘The Man Curse’ [INTERVIEW] [Words by: Ebony.com’s Alexandra Phanor-Faury]


Raqiyah Mays Unravels ‘The Man Curse’ [INTERVIEW] via Ebony.com
[Words by: Alexandra Phanor-Faury]

When author, journalist, radio personality and activist Raqiyah Mays was growing up, she’d often hear women in her family whisper about a curse that had befallen them. They’d call it “the man curse.” “The women would talk sarcastically and jokingly about how this man curse kept them single and unmarried,” shares Mays.
While the tone may have been light and fun at the Mays’ household when the matriarchs discussed the curse, in the author’s debut novel, The Man Curse, Mays takes a thought-provoking look into the damaging effects of accepting generational hexes as truth through protagonist Meena.

To read more, go to Ebony.com.

Purchase and Download The Man Curse at Themancurse.com Barnesandnoble.com or Amazon.com


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