‪#‎TheManCurseBookReadingTour‬ ‪#‎Stop‬ #7 [Pictorial RECAP] Roosevelt Field Mall. Long Island. ‪#‎TheLimited‬.

‪#‎TheManCurseBookReadingTour‬ ‪#‎Stop‬ #7 [Pictorial]
November 20, 6-8pm
Roosevelt Field Mall. Long Island. ‪#‎TheLimited‬.

When I arrived before 6p yesterday, multiple women were waiting for me. After the reading, questions turned to personal confessions on fears in love and outlooks on life. It was excellent! ‪#‎LeadingLooksLike‬ #TheLimited


Autograph signing


Rocky came with a b day gift for me! A pen and case with my name! #BestFanEver


This lady had questions to make sure The man Curse isn’t about a man defining a woman. It’s not…


I love this shirt


Smiling with her autograph


A lawyer who said she went to Penn state too.


One of my oldest fans, Rocky. She was waiting for me outside the store when I arrived


I like bday gifts.


Fly lady and one of the ones who was waiting for me to arrive


The fab style session


This Haitian sister was excited to meet me. Said she needs a book like the man curse for inspiration


She said she loved the excerpt and can’t wait to read more


Me with store manage Samantha who styles me in this fly outfit


Hugs and love

What else have I been up to on the tour? I’ve visited…
Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ
Stamford Town Center Mall in Stamford, CT
Staten Island Mall in Staten Island, NY
Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, NJ
Newport Center Mall in Jersey City, NJ

The Man Curse is here!

Get your copy today at TheManCurse.com


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