Testimonial #13: The Truth about The Man Curse.

IMG_4340Testimonial #13: The Truth about The Man Curse.

“The Man Curse is a terrific work. Raqiyah relates the difficulty of Meena’s journey with empathy and humor. I truly enjoyed it.”
– Anita Diggs
Author of “A Mighty Love” & “A Meeting In The Ladies Room”
Teacher at Gotham Writers Workshop

The Man Curse’ is on sale now!
Purchase & Download at www.TheManCurse.com

Amazon http://amzn.to/1Va77VD

Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/1hjCwCe

iBooks http://apple.co/1PdGZ7p


2 Responses to “Testimonial #13: The Truth about The Man Curse.”

  1. WOW!!! From the first page to the last I found myself in Meena’s character. “The Man Curse” spoke the many experiences I truly spoke about my myself and women cousins in my family. I laughed, I talked out loud and later smiled in reading our truth as women as well as being a survivor of abandonment myself.

    Queen Raqiyah book is the answer to what many are searching for today. Come and get your butter for your bread. Surely, The Man Curse can be broken.

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