‪#‎TheManCurseBookReadingTour‬ Stop #5: Jersey City, NJ. The Limited.

‪#‎TheManCurseBookReadingTour‬ Stop #5:
November 18, 6-8pm

Jersey City, NJ
The Limited

Last night was an evening of an intimate group of ladies gathered to hear chapter 12 of The Man Curse, see a style session, and take home $50 gift cards. Some came showing their downloads of ‪#‎TheManCurse‬. :+) ‪#‎leadinglookslike‬


This lady was happy to win her $50 gift card.


This sister came from Newark NJ to support.


The lone brother who came tonight. James. An old friend of my brother.


One of my coolest FB friends, Dedra, came from Newark to get her autograph.


Andrea conducted the style session and consulted ladies who shopped afterwards. She’s the dope manager who styled me for the Limited’s “New Look of Leadership” campaign.


I met Renee through my mother’s church. A Jersey City native and talented lady who stopped through on her way to rehearse for her show playing in Harlem.


Proof of purchase. Proof of download.


Proof of purchase. Proof of download


Aidah showed love two nights in a row..first at the release party last night. And again at tonight’s book reading. She even won gift card.


Always fly ladies on this book reading tour…


Andrea conducting the style session!


This lady went to iBooks and bought #TheManCurse on the spot after hearing Chapter 12. She didn’t plan to even come to the reading. But then she saw me. And then she listened to the excerpt. And then she bought it :+)


A happy winner…


She said she bought her copy of #ThemanCurse back in August!

Come visit me on my next tour stop in NY!
Thursday, Nov. 19
Ridge Hill Shopping Center
1 Ridge Hill Blvd., Yonkers, NY


Catch me in a city near you…

What else have I been up to on the tour? I’ve visited…
Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ
Stamford Town Center Mall in Stamford, CT
Staten Island Mall in Staten Island, NY
Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, NJ

The Man Curse is here!

Get your copy today at TheManCurse.com



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