Man Curse Book Reading Tour Stop #4 [RECAP]: Cherry Hill, NJ. The Limited

Book Reading Tour Stop #4: Cherry Hill, NJ. The Limited

Sunday, November 15 / 1-3p.

Philly & S. Jersey got a taste during one of my favorite tour stops, mainly because I read twice for two different mutually diverse crowds. I made new fans and had help taking lots of pics & video. Shout to Cherry Hill’s Jineea Butler. Thank you!!!! ‪#‎LeadingLooksLike‬ ‪#‎TheManCurse‬

Today #TheLimited had me model a pants suit. Fresh professional in charge for the fall.

After hearing me read chapter 12, this woman said she wants to read #TheManCurse

After hearing an excerpt, this amazing lady (Jayne) opened up. Told me she was a cancer survivor. Said she lives her life more adventurous now. In the moment.

Yes, I like signing autographs….

The audience stood between racks and quietly listened as I read…

This woman’s engrossed face during my reading? #Priceless

This is my 16 year old Philly cousin Lexi. Another artist in the family, she plays 9 instruments. #Talented

This woman won one of the gift cards #TheLimited gave away. She related to my protagonist who shops at #TheLimited and Bakers in the 90s.

This woman also won a gift card during our raffle. She had me sign an autograph saying she’s buying the book.

#TheManCurse is for the ladies. It’s about what we often go through as women when searching for love. It’s relatable no matter the color. No matter the age…

That moment in my speech when I break down how to buy the book. “My deal with Simon & Schuster is non traditional. It’s digital. So instead of #TheManCurse being in Barnes & Noble you can get it on or or or Google play. The way you read FB, Twitter, and email on the run is how you can read #TheManCurse…”

Breaking it down…

Two men showed up today: My cousin. And this brother from Philly who brought his wife…

She said she enjoyed what she heard…

Made another new fan…

Some of the standing room…

This amazing opportunity to open my mouth and open my book to share #TheManCurse with so many women would not be possible without #TheLimited. I am truly thankful. #LeadingLooksLike

Join me at my next stop!
Jersey City, NJ.
Newport Center Mall.
Wednesday November 18, 6-8pm.3




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