Book Reading Tour Stop #1: The Limited, Menlo Park Mall, Edison NJ

Book Reading Tour Stop #1:

The Limited, Menlo Park Mall, Edison NJ

Saturday, November 7, 2015

This weekend, I kicked off ‘The Man Curse’ book reading tour at The Limited in Menlo Park Mall, Edison, New Jersey. Friend and fans came out to hear an excerpt from The Man Curse, experience a style session based on the book, meet, greet, and win fun raffle prizes. The support and love was amazing. I signed so many autographs! Check the pictorial below to see what happened. Click on the video to see one of my favorite moments.

Next Stop? Tuesday November 10, 2015, 6pm-8pm, The Limited
Stamford Town Center Mall, 100 Greyrock Place, Stamford, CT

REMEMBER: The Man Curse Comes November 16! Pre-Order TODAY at


Signing autographs with fans.

Focused. Preparing to read chapter 12.

They were quiet during the reading. Heard some laughs. Saw a few head nods. Some said they could see the scenes on their head.

Took pics with new fans I met for the first time…

This girl’s mother introduced her saying she was an aspiring writer.

Family came out. This is my Godmother, Debbie.

Then we did a raffle… They made me pick.

This woman, Mary, won a bag.

Some won gift cards..

#TheLimited even gave away the fancy hangers..

I signed autographs afterwards…

The style session hosted by Lisa was fabulous….

I signed some more autographs.

Lots of hugs and love


Met some new fans…

So many smiles… signatures…

I’m still smiling… #GreatDay


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