The Limited’s “New Look of Leadership” and Me. :=)

Rmays Limited Photo

Love & thanks to amazing photographer of the stars, Paola Kudacki, for this picture from #TheLimited “New Look of Leadership” campaign. I’m typically nervous, tense, and feel completely awkward at photoshoots. Shiny needing powder. Sweaty needing a fan. Paola relaxed & comforted a stiff lady. “Stand like this,” she said. “Bend like that.” “Take a deep breath.” “Close your eyes. Open them. Beautiful.” And voilà. These photos are the result.

Limited new look postcard   Limited Postcard

I’m truly thankful to be among so many fly ladies. The Limited’s “The New Look of Leadership” redefines what it means to be a leader today, and honors women who stand out, speak up and push boundaries in their everyday lives. Launched nationwide this month in 200 retail stores, direct mail, and online, the #leadinglookslike campaign has been featured in Elle, Huffington Post and Black Enterprise. My face is in Limited store windows nationwide. I find myself crying tears of joy, fear, awe. And my debut novel #TheManCurse Comes November 16 via (Simon & Schuster/Gallery/Karen Hunter Publishing) OMG! PRE-ORDER HERE:

Man Curse Cover Design
Thank you for the blessing, Lord. I am truly thankful. Again and again. #Amen.

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