Plea #1: Why You Should Buy “The Man Curse” – It’s Good & Cheap [By Raqiyah Mays]

Man Curse Cover Design

My publisher (Simon & Schuster, Gallery, Karen Hunter) knows the power of digital. It does 60-70% of their book sales. They also see the power of my movement online, recognized, & signed me to a very dope digital deal. But its success depends on me. #Pressure

Now… They are supportive. They believe in #TheManCurse. They like it! So for a LIMITED time they’re offering my novel for only $1.99. (GASP!) Yup…A special presale price to be delivered to ANY device (Kindle, ipad, laptop, home computer, smartphone, tablet, or blackberry. Who has a blackberry? Someone…Basically ANY device) on D-Day, November 16. So you can read it on the train, on the go, just like you stay glued to Facebook and/or Twitter. Here’s the thing, presale numbers are how books make the best-seller list. They’re like opening weekend box office ticket sales. Presale numbers are everything.

So this is Plea #1: Please order my novel today. It’s good. (Best-selling author Karen Hunter tweeted that it’s “Fire.”  It’s cheap. (Too cheap in my opinion. But hey, I’m an artist. I like my contract. This is the sales world. It’s for a limited time. So lemme fall back and let the experienced sales people do their job. ok? LoL) But seriously, it’s took me 10 years to birth this baby. It will take you less than 10 minutes to support it. So click here #PleaseByMyBook #TheManCurse #BreaktheManCurse

Man Curse Cover Design


3 Responses to “Plea #1: Why You Should Buy “The Man Curse” – It’s Good & Cheap [By Raqiyah Mays]”

  1. Denise Williams Says:

    So proud of you Raqiyah! I can’t wait to read your book. Hope to see you soon so that we can discuss. Take care and I wish you many, many sales as well as rave reviews !!!!!

    De’Jon’s Mom

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