The Rihality of Superstar Love


Poor Rihanna. If the rumors are true, she’s back with Chris Brown walking the stereotypical path of an abused woman. The one whose man beats her into oblivion. The one who gets fed up and leaves. The one who fights back, runs to the cops and vows to never see him again. And then falls for phone calls, texts, and apologetic gifts, while praying therapy has kicked in.

What people tend to forget is that although this freaky rock star seems impervious to real life — she does have moments like the 99%. She has bad hair days, PMS pimples, and occasional farts. And she actually does possess the modest person’s ability to become a statistic. Like being that one out of every three females who are abused at some point in their life. Like being the one that says an abused woman will leave her violent man seven times before saying, “Goodbye,” for good.

By being back with that little Brown boy who beat her blue, Rihanna is realer than ever —  lost in love,  fallen off the cliff where optimism overcomes common sense and doubt.

The American Bar Association (ABA)  reports that over 40 percent of first-time abusers attack again. Perhaps Chris Brown is in that 60 percent.


One Response to “The Rihality of Superstar Love”

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