The Power of the Facebook Relationship Status by Raqiyah Mays

Image   I should probably apologize for making play-dough of anyone’s emotions. But the Facebook relationship status change evokes a mush of moody matter.  And last week, I molded that into social, experimental fun that had me laughing out loud.

Over five days, I went from being “single” to ‘in a relationship,” to being “in a domestic partnership,” then “in an open relationship,” and even made a graduation to being “in a civil union.” This last one lost me a few followers. But whatever, I’ve had 1000 friend requests for many months and no time or help to direct them to my “Like” page.  So I need the space that comes from being under 5000. 

“Congratulations!!!” One person wrote, over my change from being “single” to “in a relationship.” “I’m so happy for you!”  While another added, “I thought you were married?”

Being in a “domestic partnership” brought out the cynics. I could hear folks snorting through the FB screen, sharing laws about shacking up, and thoughts like, “Well, I hope you’re happy.”

The men were quick to comment on my “open relationship.” Silly horny boys FB’d publically and privately, enticed by the possibility of me being a bi-sexual swinger like, “Um…What are you doing later?” Smh. 

And then, when I became seemingly gay for a few days in a “civil union,” not only did some prejudice folks drop me as a friend, but I got straight confused replies like, “What the hell?!” LOL

Anyone who truly knows me is fully aware that I care very little about what people say or think of me.  I’ve pretty much always done (and said) whatever I want. But the reality is that last week’s “Young & the Restless” relationship changes are a mixture of truths combined into one. Because I am a single woman, who happens to be in a fairly content relationship with myself; and frustrated by a domestic partnership with a fussy, 15-year-old dog that can no longer seem to hold her bladder. And at the moment, I’m choosing mature men, who can emotionally handle the rules that come with being in an open dating relationship with me.  And the civil union? Well, I do work with a civil rights organization. And that union is all about racial equality, religious tolerance, and gay rights. It’s very powerful, super fabulous, and has the strength to move the masses, just like a Facebook relationship status change.


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